Here is the overview of IRAFM employees‘ performance in the media:


Lecture "When AI Sees“ with Petr Hurtík and demonstration of technology for object detection in images (together with Eago Systems) at  Future Forces Forum fair, 19-22 October 2022.

Presentation the Mepac Melai laser engraving device with the help of artificial intelligence at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, 10-13 October 2022 - Petr Hurtík and Vojtěch Molek, together with the Mepac company.

Rozhovor s Petrem Hurtíkem v rámci konference Meltingpot na mezinárodním hudebním festivalu Colours of Ostrava na téma „Umělá inteligence. Máme se bát?“:

Interview with Petr Hurtík on the topic "Artificial Intelligence. Should we be afraid?" during the Meltingpot conference at the international music festival Colours of Ostrava:


Nomination of Prof. Irina Perfilieva for the Milada Paul Prize in Mathematics in 2021:

Interview „Jak svět změní umělá inteligence (How artificial intelligence will change the world)“ with Petr Hurtík:

Interview „Nahrazování lidské práce umělou inteligencí je nevyhnutelné, musíme zvládnout přechod (Replacing human labor with artificial intelligence is inevitable, we must manage the transition)“ with Petr Hurtík published within podcast „Vědárna“:

Lecture “From the atom to civilization - the origins of intelligent life and its parallels in artificial intelligence” with Mgr. Jan Hůla within the festival “Week of the Brain”, a unique cycle of lectures on the newest discoveries and trends in brain research and neuroscience, which is a part of the Brain Awareness Week, the world’s largest public awareness campaign on the success and benefits of brain research:


Interview on TV POLAR with Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl, and the article on Vědavý about another success in the international competition on edge detection:

Interview with Martin Štěpnička on Vědavý about cooperation on noncommercial projects:

Interviews on the Czech Television and with Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl, and the article on about the success in the international competition on object detection and tracking:


Several articles about the realization of the world conference EUSFLAT 2019 organized by IRAFM:


Co-operation and direct participation (Dr. Michal Burda in person) in a particular episode of environmentally oriented TV block “Nedej se” (Do not give up) broadcasted by the Czech Television about the cell-phone application DragonflyHunter CZ developed with our collaboration:

Interview with doc. Martin Štěpnička on about EUSFLAT 2019:


Live interview (70min) “Artificial intelligence in common life: benefits, problems, and moral conflicts” with Dr. Hurtík in the Melting pot of the University of Ostrava on musical festival Colours of Ostrava 2017:

Participation of doc. Martin Štěpnička in the series of questions and answers entitled Názorník (“OpinionPad”) on distinct issues related to RDI with recognized persons involved in RDI in the Czech Republic – published on


Interview with doc. Martin Štěpnička on about general conditions for RDI:


Interview “Je dobré být fuzzy, protože takový je i reálný svět kolem nás (It is good to be fuzzy because that is the real world around us)” with doc. Martin Štěpnička published on – the biggest Czech internet portal:


Lecture “Fuzzy modelling: from logical paradoxes to applications” with Dr. Libor Běhounek and prof. Vilém Novák at the Atlantik club in Ostrava as a part of lectures and discussions with scientists in cafes (Science café):

Updated: 01. 11. 2022