International cooperation

We solve various project and we are involved in bilateral agreements with scientific institutions.

Current projects

Projects in the Czech Republic
OP VaVpI CZ.1.05/1.1.00/02.0070 Centre of Excellence IT4Innovations – sustainability (2016-2020) Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic
Project LQ1602 IT4Innovations excellence in science (2016-2020)
Grant of GA ČR No. 18-13951S New approaches to financial time series modelling based on soft computing (1/2018-12/2020)
Grant of GA ČR No. 18-06915S New approaches to aggregation operators in analysis and processing of data (1/2018-12/2020)
Grant of GA ČR No. 18-10233S Social Adjustment of Homeless Children with the Experience of Domestic Violence in the City of Ostrava (1/2018-12/2020)
Grant of GA ČR No. 20-07851SFuzzy relational structures in approximate reasoning (1/2020-12/2022)
Project IRP No. 201824 Complex topological structures (1/2018-12/2020)
Project IRP No. 201821 Use of transdisciplinary synergy data science and fuzzy modeling tools and social work: Multidimensional Evidence Informed Practice (1/2018-12/2020)
Project TAČR No. TL01000351 Development of software for responsive evaluation and planning of community work as a tool for developing efficient and effective practice in the area of social inclusion (4/2018-6/2020)
Project TAČR No. TJ01000359 Desirable future and related factors as tools of applying the recovery concept to individual planning of asylum home residents (1/2018-12/2019)
Project OP VVV: No. CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/16_027/0008472 Strengthening the university's scientific capacities (1/2018-6/2020)
Project OP VVV: No. CZ.02.2.67/0.0/0.0/17_044/0008534 Support for the Development of the OU Learning Environment (1/2017-6/2019)
Project OP VVV: No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/17_049/0008414 AI-Met4AI: Center for the development of Artificial Intelligence Methods for the Automotive Industry of the region (12/2018-12/2022)
Commercial Project Kasandra (12/2018-12/2021)
International projects
Project COST No. CA17124 Methods of fuzzy modeling in the analysis of forensic digital data (10/2018-12/2020)
Project Erasmus+ CBHE: Strengthening Teaching Competences in Higher Education in Natural and Mathematical Sciences (TeComp) (11/2018-11/2021)
V4EaP Scholarship Programme - SN 51700967, Visegrad Scholarship Programme, Post-master's Scholarship for Oleksii Tyshchenko (10/2017-12/2019)

Bilateral agreements

Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling is involved in bilateral agreements with the following institutions:

  • Artificial Intelligence Research Institute – CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
  • Taganrog Institute of Technology - Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia
  • Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • University of Applied Science, Zittau/Goerlitz, Germany
  • University of Latvia in Riga, Republic of Latvia
  • St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences

In case of an interest to co-operate with us on a bilateral agreement, please contact the institute director.

Updated: 07. 02. 2020