Significant Awards of the institute members

Petr Hyner
Best student paper at the 15th International Conference on Neural Computation Theory and Applications (NCTA/IJCCI), Rome, Italy.
Awarded paper: Hyner, P., Hůla, J. a Janota, M. Molecule Builder: Environment for Testing Reinforcement Learning Agents. In: 15th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence: Proceedings of the 15th International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence 2023-11-13 Řím. Italská republika: SCITEPRESS, 2023. s. 450-458. ISBN 978-989-758-674-3.

Jan Hůla
He received a Fulbright scholarship to study at Harvard University in Cambridge from August to November 2023.

Vojtěch Molek
Best doctoral dissertation in category „Information Technology and Electrical Engineering“ defended in 2021-2022. The competition was announced by VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava (in the consortium PROGRES 3).

Jernej Činč
The Journal of Difference Equations and Applications awarded the best paper published in this journal in 2020.
Awarded article: Ana Anušić, Henk Bruin and Jernej Činč, "Topological properties of Lorenz maps derived from unimodal maps", Vol. 26, No. 8, 2020, pp. 1174-1191.

Radko Mesiar
EUSFLAT Honorary Membership (2020) – who, due to their prestige or by having significantly contributed towards dignifying and developing the Association, become worthy of such a distinction.

Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl
2nd place (from 803 competitors) in the worldwide Signate competition co-organized with the Japan Space Agency aimed at “coastline extraction“ from satellite data. 2020, Japan.

Petr Hurtík
The Rector's Award for extraordinary scientific and research activities of researchers up to 35 years, University of Ostrava, 2020.

Martina Daňková
Best Paper Award at the conference 12th International Conference on Fuzzy Computation Theory and Applications (FCTA/IJCCI), 2020, Hungary.
Awarded article: Merging Partial Fuzzy Rule-bases.

Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl
2nd place (from 305 competitors) in the worldwide Signate competition on object detection and tracking. 2020, Japan.

Jan Hůla
Win the Kornia hackathon 2019 at the Computer Vision Center in Barcelona on December 14th, 2019.

Irina Perfiljeva
The title of Doctor Honoris Causa was awarded at the University of Latvia. Riga, Latvia, 2019.

Irina Perfilieva
Prominent member of the fuzzy sets/system community with the IFSA Fellow award. IFSA - NAFIPS 2019, Lafayette, USA.

Irina Perfiljeva and Jiří Močkoř
Best Paper Award at the confence IFSA - NAFIPS 2019, USA.
Awarded Article: Močkoř J., Perfilieva I. Functors Among Categories of L-fuzzy Partitions, L-fuzzy Pretopological Spaces and L-fuzzy Closure Spaces. In: Fuzzy Techniques: Theory and Applications. IFSA/NAFIPS 2019, 2019. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Vol. 1000, pp. 382-393, Springer.

Oleksii Tyshchenko
Best Paper Award at the confence ICAISC 2019, Zakopane, Poland
Awarded Article: Yevgeniy V. Bodyanskiy, Oleksii K. Tyshchenko, and Sergii V. Mashtalir. Fuzzy Clustering High-Dimensional Data Using Information Weighting. In: Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. ICAISC 2019. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 11508, pp. 385-395, Springer.

Irina Perfiljeva and Vilém Novák
The Rector's Award for Excellent Long-Term Research, Artistic or Civil Society Activities 2018, University of Ostrava

Radka Poláková
3rd place in „Single-objective Track Black Box Optimization“ competition (BBComp) at GECCO conference in Japan, 2018

Jan Boronski
Rector's Research Award for the results published in 2017. Awarded at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, 2018.

Radka Poláková
1st place in „Competition on Constrained Real Parameter Optimization“ at the CEC conference in Spain, 2017

Irina Perfiljeva
The title of Honorary Professor was awarded at the AMITY University during ICRITO conference, Delhi, India, 2017.

Radko Mesiar
EUSFLAT Scientific Excellence Award, awarded at the conference EUSFLAT 2017, Warsaw, Poland.

Petr Hurtík and Marek Vajgl
Win the competition on Edge Detection awarded at the conference EUSFLAT 2017, Warsaw, Poland.
Award for Algorithm Based on Image Represented by a Fuzzy Function.

Vilém Novák
Prominent member of the fuzzy sets/system community with the IFSA Fellow award. IFSA-SCIS 2017, Otsu, Japan.

Martin Štěpnička
Best Paper Award at the conference FUZZ-IEEE 2016, Vancouver, Canada.
Awarded article: M. Štěpnička, On the Satisfaction of Moser-Navara Axioms for Fuzzy Inference Systems, Proc. FUZZ-IEEE 2016.

Radka Poláková
2nd place in Single-objective Track Black Box Optimization competition (BBComp) at the GECCO konference, Denver, Coloredo, USA, 2016.

Radko Mesiar
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Outstanding Paper Award for the paper published in 2013. Awarded at world congress IEEE WCCI, Vancouver, 2016.
Awarded article: Humberto Bustince, Mikel Galar, Benjamin Bedregal, Anna Kolesárová and Radko Mesiar, "A New Approach to Interval-Valued Choquet Integrals and the Problem of Ordering in Interval-Valued Fuzzy Set Applications," Vol. 21, No. 6, 2013, pp. 1150-1162.

Petr Hurtík
Best student paper competition - 3rd place. Conference IEEE SSCI 2015, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa.
Awarded article: Hurtík, P., Burda, M., Krhut, J., Zvara, P. & Lunácek, L. (2015, December). Automatic Diagnosis of Voiding Dysfunction From Sound Signal. In Computational Intelligence, 2015 IEEE Symposium Series on (pp. 1331-1336). IEEE.

Petr Hurtík
3rd place in IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Mobile APP competition, 2015.
Award for Mobile Phone Driver Assistant application.

Irina Perfiljeva
EUSFLAT Honorary Membership (2013) – award for EUSFLAT members who, due to their prestige or having significantly contributed to the dignifying and developing EUSFLAT association.

Irina Perfiljeva
Memorial Da Ruan Award for the best paper at the conferece FLINS 2012, Istanbul, Turkey.
Awarded article: I. Perfilieva, Duality principles in residuated lattices. Uncertainty Modeling in Knowledge Engineering and Decision Making, Proceedings of 10th FLINS Conference, World Scientific, 2012, 592-597.

Antonín Dvořák
Best conference paper at the conference Fuzzy Days 1997, Dortmund, Germany.
Awarded article: A. Dvořák, Properties of the Generalized Fuzzy Logic Inference. Proceedings of 5th Fuzzy Days Dortmund, Springer-Verlag 1997, 189-196.

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