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Article No. 43, Cholewa, W. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 17(1985),249-258) Aggregation of Fuzzy Opinions-an Axiomatic Approach

Article No. 42, Chaudhuri, B.B. Majumder, D.D. () On Membership Evaluation in Fuzzy Sets

Article No. 41, Chen,W.L.,Guo,R.J.,Shang,L.S. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 17(1985),143-151) Fuzzy Match and Floating Threshold Strategy for Expert System in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Article No. 40, Chang, S. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 17(1985), 181-187) Fixed Point Theorems for Fuzzy Mappings

Article No. 39, Chang, C.L. (Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications (1975),191-217) Interpretation and Execution of Fuzzy Programs

Article No. 38, Chanas, S. () Fuzzy Sets in Few Classical Operational Research Problems

Article No. 37, Cervin, V.B., Ramesh Jain () Towards fuzzy Algorithms in Behaviour Modification

Article No. 36, Capoceli, R.M., Luca ,A. (Information and Control 23(1973), 446-473) Fuzzy Sets and Decision Theory

Article No. 35, Neuman, J. (Univ. of Illinois Press 1966) Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata

Article No. 34, Burks, A.W, Arbor, A. (Kybernetik und Bionik Cybern.and Bionics 1973) Cellular Automata and Natural Systems

Article No. 33, Burks, A.W. (Int. J. Man-Machine Studies 7(1975), 297-312) Logic,Biology and Automata-some Historical Reflections

Article No. 32, Burks, A.W. (Mathematical Systems Theory 8(1975),295-307) Models of Deterministic Systems

Article No. 31, Burks, A.W. (University of Michigan Chicago,1973) Logic, Computers, and Men

Article No. 30, Buckley, J.J. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems17(1985),233-247) Fuzzy Hierarchical Analysis

Article No. 29, Buckley, J.J., Siler, W. (Carraway Medical Center. Preprint) Managing Uncertainty in a Fuzzy Expert System

Article No. 28, Bookstein, A., Koon, K.NG. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 17(1985)131-141) A Parametric Fuzzy-Set Prediction Model

Article No. 27, Bohata, M. Vlček, I. (Ekonomicko-matematický obzor 17(1981),4,426-437) Využití fuzzy tolerančního algoritmu při tvorbě konzistentních variant rozvoje odvětvi

Article No. 26, Blishun, A.F. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 18(1986),273-282) Fuzzy Adaptive Learning Model of Decision-Making Process

Article No. 25, Biacino, L., Gerla, G. (Univ. Di Napoli,(1985). Preprint N. 36) Recursively Enumerable L-Sets

Article No. 24, Biacino L., Gerla,G. (Universita Di Napoli (1986).Preprint N.45.) Weak Decidability and Weak Recursive Enumerability for L-Subsets.

Article No. 23, Biacino L., Gerla G. (Information Sciences 33(1984),181-195) Closure Systems and L-Subalgebra

Article No. 22, Arbib, M.A., Manes,E.G. (Bulletin of the Australian Math. Soc.13(1975)2) Fuzzy Machines in a Category

Article No. 21, Bezdek, J.C., Chuah, S.K. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 18(1986)237-256) Generalized k-Nearest Neighbor Rules

Article No. 20, Bertalanffy, L. () The History and Status of General Systems Theory

Article No. 19, Bek, R., Pokorný, Z.Růžička M. (Kybernetika 18(1982),5, 447-454) Large Variable Systems of Higher Degrees in Fuzzification Process

Article No. 18, Bek,R., Pokorný, Z.,Ružička M. (Kybernetika 18(1982),3, 234-246) Principle Concepts of Systems Fuzification

Article No. 17, Bek, R., Ružička, M. (Kybernetika 15(1979),6, 408-428) On Modelling of Large Variable Systems of Higher Degree by Means of Language Systems

Article No. 16, Bečvář, V. (VU vodohospodařský, Praha (1982)) Lingvistické hodnocení vododohospodařských soustav

Article No. 15, Banon, G. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 5(1981)) Distinction between Several Subsets of Fuzzy Measures

Article No. 14, Baldwin, J.F. ZHOU, S.Q. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 14(1984),155-174) A Fuzzy Relational Inference Language

Article No. 13, Baldwin, J.F., Pilsworth B.W. (Int. J. Man-Machine Stud.11(1979), 351-380) A Model of Fuzzy Reasoning trough Multi-Valued Logic and Set Theory

Article No. 12, Baldwin, J.F. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 18(1986),219-235) Automated Fuzzy and Probabilistic Inference

Article No. 11, Baldwin, J.F., Guild, N.C.F. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 2(1979),213-231) Comparison of Fuzzy Sets on the Same Decision Space

Article No. 10, Baldwin, J.F., Guild, N.C.F. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 3(1980),225-251) Feasible Algoritmhms for Approximate Reasoning Using Fuzzy Logic

Article No. 9, Asai, K., Kitajima, S. (Information Sciences 3(1971),343-353) A Method for Optimizing Control of Multimodal Systems Using Fuzzy Automata

Article No. 8, Arbib, M.A., Manes, E.G. (Synthese 30(1975),381-406) A Category-Theoretic Approach to systems in a Fuzzy World

Article No. 7, Arbib, M.A., Manes, E.G. (Siam Review 16(1974), 163-191) Machines in a Category: An Expository Introduction

Article No. 6, Adlassnig, K.P. () A Survey on Medical Diagnosis and Fuzzy Subsets

Article No. 5, Adlassnig, K.P., Kolaraz,G. () CADIAG-2: Computer-assisted Madical Diagnosis Using Fuzzy Subsets

Article No. 4, Adamo, J.M. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 6(1981), 43-59) Some Applications of the L.P.L. Language to Combinatorial Programming

Article No. 3, Baldwin, J.F. (Int.J. Man-Machine Studies 11(1979),465-480) Fuzzy logic and fuzzy reasoning

Article No. 2, Averkin, N.A, Dulin, S, K. (Computers and Artific.Intellig. 5(1986),235-240) Decrease of Contradictions in an Active Knowledge System

Article No. 1, Albert, P. (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 1(1978), 203-230) The algebra of fuzzy logic

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