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Article No. 6083, page 473-475+++ (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Subject index, volume 17, 1997

Article No. 6082, page 471+Subject index, volume 17, 1997 (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Author index, volume 17, 1997

Article No. 6081, Hoffmann, F. and Pfister, G. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Evolutionary Design of a Fuzzy Knowledge Base for a Mobile Robot

Article No. 6080, Glorennec, P. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Coordination Between Autonomous Robots

Article No. 6079, Bonarini, A. and Basso, F. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Learning to Compose Fuzzy Behaviors for Autonomous Agents

Article No. 6078, Cordon, O. and Herrera, F. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) A Three-Stage Evolutionary Process for Learning Descriptive and Approximate Fuzzy-Logic-Controller Knowledge Bases From Examples

Article No. 6077, Heider, H. and Drabe, T. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) A Cascaded Genetic Algorithm for Improving Fuzzy-System Design

Article No. 6076, Magdalena, L. (apr vol.17, iss.4, 1997) Adapting the Gain of an FLC With Genetic Algorithms

Article No. 6075, Dubois, D. and Prade, H. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) A Synthetic View of Belief Revision With Uncertain Inputs in the Framework of Possibility Theory

Article No. 6074, Studeny, M. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) A Recovery Algorithm for Chain Graphs

Article No. 6073, Shenoy, P.P. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) Binary Join Trees for Computing Marginals in the Shenoy-Shafer Architecture

Article No. 6072, Bauer, M. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) Approximation Algorithms and Decision Making in the Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence--An Empirical Study

Article No. 6071, Santos, E. Jr., Shimony, S.E. and Williams, E. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) Hybrid Algorithms for Approximate Belief Updating in Bayes Nets

Article No. 6070, Castillo, E., Solares, C. and Gomez, P. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) Estimating Extreme Probabilities Using Tail Simulated Data

Article No. 6069, Richardson, T. (apr vol.17, iss.2, 1997) A Characterization of Markov Equivalence for Directed Cyclic Graphs

Article No. 6068, Paris, J. and Vencovska, A. (apr vol.17, iss.1, 1997) In Defense of the Maximum Entropy Inference Process

Article No. 6067, Thone, H., Guntzer, U. and Kie_ling, W. (apr vol.17, iss.1, 1997) Increased Robustness of Bayesian Networks Through Probability Intervals

Article No. 6066, page 393-395+++ (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Subject index

Article No. 6065, page 392+Subject index (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Author index

Article No. 6064, Delgado, M., Gomez-Skarmeta, A.F. and Martin, F. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Some Methods to Model Fuzzy Systems for Inference Purposes

Article No. 6063, Abril, J., Salom, J. and Calvo, O. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy Control of a Sailboat

Article No. 6062, Magdalena, L. and Monasterio-Huelin, F. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) A Fuzzy Logic Controller With Learning Through the Evolution of its Knowledge Base

Article No. 6061, Herrera, F., Herrera-Viedma, E. and Verdegay, J.L. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Linguistic Measures Based on Fuzzy Coincidence for Reaching Consensus in Group Decision Making

Article No. 6060, Jacas, J., Monreal, A. and Recasens, J. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) A Model for CAGD Using Fuzzy Logic

Article No. 6059, Marin, R., Cardenas, M.A., Balsa, M. and Sanchez, J.L. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Obtaining Solutions in Fuzzy Constraint Networks

Article No. 6058, Esteva, F., Garcia, P., Godo, L. and Rodriguez, R. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) A Modal Account of Similarity-Based Reasoning

Article No. 6057, de Soto, A.R., Trillas, E. and Cubillo, S. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Classes of Fuzzy Sets With the Same Material Conditional

Article No. 6056, Esteva, F. (apr vol.16, iss.3, 1997) Editorial

Article No. 6055, Lee, K. and Bien, Z. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) A Model-Based Machine Vision System Using Fuzzy Logic

Article No. 6054, Grauel, A., Ludwig, L.A. and Klene, G. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) Comparison of Different Intelligent Methods for Process and Quality Monitoring

Article No. 6053, Frank, P.M. and Koppen-Seliger, B. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network Applications to Fault Diagnosis

Article No. 6052, den Hartog, M.H., Babuska, R., Deketh, H.J.R., Grima, M.A., Verhoef, P.N.W. and Verbruggen, H.B. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) Knowledge-Based Fuzzy Model for Performance Prediction of a Rock-Cutting Trencher

Article No. 6051, Adamy, J. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) Adaptation of Cross-Direction Basis-Weight Control in Paper Machines Using Fuzzy Decision Logic

Article No. 6050, Michels, K. and Kruse, R. (apr vol.16, iss.1, 1997) Numerical Stability Analysis for Fuzzy Control

Article No. 6049, T., Y.L. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) A Rough Logic Formalism for Fuzzy Controllers: A Hard and Soft Computing View

Article No. 6048, Lotfi, A., Andersen, H.C. and Ah, C.T. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) Interpretation Preservation of Adaptive Fuzzy Inference Systems

Article No. 6047, Nakamura, A. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) A Rough Logic Based on Incomplete Information and Its Application

Article No. 6046, Polkowski, L. and Skowron, A. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) Rough Mereology: A New Paradigm for Approximate Reasoning

Article No. 6045, Chmielewski, M.R. and Grzymala-Busse, J.W. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) Global Discretization of Continuous Attributes as Preprocessing for Machine Learning

Article No. 6044, Y., Y.Y. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) Two Views of the Theory of Rough Sets in Finite Universes

Article No. 6043, T., Y.L. (apr vol.15, iss.4, 1996) Introduction to the Special Issue on Rough Sets

Article No. 6042, van der Gaag, L.C. (apr vol.15, iss.3, 1996) On Evidence Absorption for Belief Networks

Article No. 6041, Huang, C. and Darwiche, A. (apr vol.15, iss.3, 1996) Inference in Belief Networks: A Procedural Guide

Article No. 6040, Gil, M.A. and Lopez-Diaz, M. (apr vol.15, iss.3, 1996) Fundamentals and Bayesian Analyses of Decision Problems With Fuzzy-Valued Utilities

Article No. 6039, Weiru, L. and Bundy, A. (apr vol.15, iss.2, 1996) Constructing Probabilistic ATMSs Using Extended Incidence Calculus

Article No. 6038, Milne, P. (apr vol.15, iss.2, 1996) Avoiding Triviality: Fuzzy Implications and Conditional Events

Article No. 6037, Cano, J.E., Hernandez, L.D. and Moral, S. (apr vol.15, iss.1, 1996) Importance Sampling Algorithms for the Propagation of Probabilities in Belief Networks

Article No. 6036, Monti, S. and Cooper, G.F. (apr vol.15, iss.1, 1996) Bounded Recursive Decomposition: A Search-Based Method for Belief-Network Inference Under Limited Resources

Article No. 6035, Di Lascio, L., Gisolfi, A. and Loia, V. (apr vol.15, iss.1, 1996) A New Model for Linguistic Modifiers

Article No. 6034, Triantaphyllou, E. and Chi-Tun, L. (apr vol.14, iss.4, 1996) Development and Evaluation of Five Fuzzy Multiattribute Decision-Making Methods

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