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Article No. 6033, Castro, J.L. and Zurita, J.M. (apr vol.14, iss.4, 1996) A Generic ATMS

Article No. 6032, Delgado, M., Gomez-Skarmeta, A.F. and Vila, A. (apr vol.14, iss.4, 1996) On the Use of Hierarchical Clustering in Fuzzy Modeling

Article No. 6031, Ramer, A. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) Texts on Evidence Theory: Comparative Review

Article No. 6030, Parsons, S. and Saffiotti, A. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) A Case Study in the Qualitative Verification and Debugging of Numerical Uncertainty

Article No. 6029, Hong, X. and Smets, P. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) Reasoning in Evidential Networks With Conditional Belief Functions

Article No. 6028, Yager, R.R. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) On the Normalization of Fuzzy Belief Structures

Article No. 6027, Liping, L. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) A Theory of Gaussian Belief Functions

Article No. 6026, Harmanec, D., Klir, G.J. and Zhenyuan, W. (apr vol.14, iss.2, 1996) Modal Logic Interpretation of Dempster-Shafer Theory: An Infinite Case

Article No. 6025, Bouckaert, R.R., Castillo, E. and Gutierrez, J.M. (apr vol.14, iss.1, 1996) A Modified Simulation Scheme for Inference in Bayesian Networks

Article No. 6024, Shimony, S.E. and Santos, E. Jr. (apr vol.14, iss.1, 1996) Exploiting Case-Based Independence for Approximating Marginal Probabilities

Article No. 6023, Sung-Bae, C. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) Fuzzy Aggregation of Modular Neural Networks With Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators

Article No. 6022, Ishibuchi, H., Morioka, K. and Turksen, I.B. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) Learning by Fuzzified Neural Networks

Article No. 6021, Watanabe, M., Kuwata, K. and Katayama, R. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) Adaptive Tree-Structured Self-Generating Radial Basis Function Network and Its Performance Evaluation

Article No. 6020, Ichihashi, H., Miyoshi, T., Nagasaka, K., Tokunaga, M. and Wakamatsu, T. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) A Neurofuzzy Approach to Variational Problems by Using Gaussian Membership Functions

Article No. 6019, Minho, L., Soo-Young, L. and Cheol, H.P. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) Neurofuzzy Controller Design Using Neurofuzzy Identifier

Article No. 6018, Horikawa, S., Furuhashi, T. and Uchikawa, Y. (apr vol.13, iss.4, 1995) A New Type of Fuzzy Neural Network Based on a Truth Space Approach for Automatic Acquisition of Fuzzy Rules With Linguistic Hedges

Article No. 6017, Hsing-Tai, C. and Schwartz, D.G. (apr vol.13, iss.3, 1995) A Resolution-Based System for Symbolic Approximate Reasoning

Article No. 6016, Schubert, J. (apr vol.13, iss.3, 1995) On in a Decision-Theoretic Apparatus of Dempster-Shafer Theory

Article No. 6015, Morrell, D. and Driver, E. (apr vol.13, iss.2, 1995) Bayesian Network Implementation of Levi's Epistemic Utility Decision Theory

Article No. 6014, Bordley, R.F. (apr vol.13, iss.1, 1995) Modeling Unforeseen Events With Similarity Templates Changes Bayesian Probabilities Into Pignistic Probabilities

Article No. 6013, D'Ambrosio, B. (apr vol.13, iss.1, 1995) Local Expression Languages for Probabilistic Dependence

Article No. 6012, Shimony, S.E. (apr vol.13, iss.1, 1995) The Role of Relevance in Explanation II: Disjunctive Assignments and Approximate Independence

Article No. 6011, Bordogna, G. and Pasi, G. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) Controlling Retrieval Through a User-Adaptive Representation of Documents

Article No. 6010, Herrera, F., Lozano, M. and Verdegay, J.L. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) Tuning Fuzzy Logic Controllers by Genetic Algorithms

Article No. 6009, Halgamuge, S.K., Poechmueller, W. and Glesner, M. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) An Alternative Approach for Generation of Membership Functions and Fuzzy Rules Based on Radial and Cubic Basis Function Networks

Article No. 6008, Novak, V. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) Linguistically Oriented Fuzzy Logic Control and Its Design

Article No. 6007, Yager, R.R. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) An Approach to Ordinal Decision Making

Article No. 6006, Kacprzyk, J. and Fedrizzi, M. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) Developing a Fuzzy Logic Controller in Case of Sparse Testimonies

Article No. 6005, Koczy, L.T. (apr vol.12, iss.3, 1995) Algorithmic Aspects of Fuzzy Control

Article No. 6004, Maung, I. (apr vol.12, iss.2, 1995) Two Characterizations of a Minimum-Information Principle for Possibilistic Reasoning

Article No. 6003, Singh, M. and Valtorta, M. (apr vol.12, iss.2, 1995) Construction of Bayesian Network Structures From Data: A Brief Survey and an Efficient Algorithm

Article No. 6002, Hollunder, B. (apr vol.12, iss.2, 1995) An Alternative Proof Method for Possibilistic Logic and Its Application to Terminological Logics

Article No. 6001, Studeny, M. (apr vol.12, iss.1, 1995) Conditional Independence and Natural Conditional Functions

Article No. 6000, McLean, R.G., Bundy, A. and Liu, W. (apr vol.12, iss.1, 1995) Assignment Methods for Incidence Calculus

Article No. 3349, Ji-Shu, C. and Shui-Li, C. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) New applications of L-nets in L-fuzzy multifunctions

Article No. 3348, Shi-Zhong, B. and Wan-Liang, W. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Fuzzy non-continuous mappings and fuzzy pre-semi-separation axioms

Article No. 3347, Li, D. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Properties of b-vex fuzzy mappings and applications to fuzzy optimization

Article No. 3346, Chengyi, Z. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Fuzzy prime ideals and prime fuzzy ideals

Article No. 3345, Kassem, M.A.E. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Stability of possibilistic multiobjective nonlinear programming problems without differentiability

Article No. 3344, Baoding, L. and Iwamura, K. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Chance constrained programming with fuzzy parameters

Article No. 3343, Castro, J.L., Trillas, E. and Zurita, J.M. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Non-monotonic fuzzy reasoning

Article No. 3342, Delgado, M., Vila, M.A. and Voxman, W. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) A fuzziness measure for fuzzy numbers: Applications

Article No. 3341, Goetschel, R.H. Jr. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) Fuzzy colorings of fuzzy hypergraphs

Article No. 3340, Yang, M. and Liu, M. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) On possibility analysis of fuzzy data

Article No. 3339, Filev, D. and Yager, R.R. (fs&s vol.94, iss.2, 1998) On the issue of obtaining OWA operator weights

Article No. 3338, Gogus, O. and Boucher, T.O. (fs&s vol.94, iss.1, 1998) Strong transitivity, rationality and weak monotonicity in fuzzy pairwise comparisons

Article No. 3337, Ovchinnikov, S. (fs&s vol.94, iss.1, 1998) On the image of an L-fuzzy group

Article No. 3336, Chen, D. and Li, S. (fs&s vol.94, iss.1, 1998) Fuzzy factor rings

Article No. 3335, Shenggang, L. (fs&s vol.94, iss.1, 1998) Remarks on products of L-fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3334, Yoshida, Y., Yasuda, M., Nakagami, J. and Kurano, M. (fs&s vol.94, iss.1, 1998) A limit theorem in dynamic fuzzy systems with a monotone property

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