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Article No. 3183, Ayoubi, M. and Isermann, R. (fs&s vol.89, iss.3, 1997) Neuro-fuzzy systems for diagnosis

Article No. 3182, Nauck, D. and Kruse, R. (fs&s vol.89, iss.3, 1997) A neuro-fuzzy method to learn fuzzy classification rules from data

Article No. 3181, Kortelainen, J. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Modifiers connect L-fuzzy sets to topological spaces

Article No. 3180, Kim, J. and Cho, S. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Structure of a lattice of fuzzy subgroups

Article No. 3179, Xuzhu, W. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) An investigation into relations between some transitivity-related concepts

Article No. 3178, Ramakrishnan, T.V. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy semi-inner product of fuzzy points

Article No. 3177, Jie, M., Young, B.J. and Hee, S.K. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy implicative ideals of BCK-algebras

Article No. 3176, Avallone, A. and Barbieri, G. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Range of finitely additive fuzzy measures

Article No. 3175, Gonzalez, L. and Marin, A. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Algorithmic estimate for aggregated powerset relations

Article No. 3174, Mohamed, R.H. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) The relationship between goal programming and fuzzy programming

Article No. 3173, Liu, W. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) A relational data model with fuzzy inheritance dependencies

Article No. 3172, Castro, J.L. and Zurita, J.M. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) An inductive learning algorithm in fuzzy systems

Article No. 3171, Lee, C. and Wen, C. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy goal programming approach for water quality management in a river basin

Article No. 3170, Lee, C., Kuo, Y. and Yu, P. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Weighted fuzzy mean filters for image processing

Article No. 3169, Wang, L. (fs&s vol.89, iss.2, 1997) Combining mathematical model and heuristics into controllers: An adaptive fuzzy control approach

Article No. 3168, page 129-133+++ (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) Recent Literature

Article No. 3167, Yager, R.R. and Rybalov, A. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) A note on the incompatibility of openness and associativity

Article No. 3166, Xu, L. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) Continuity and identity laws in the axiomatic basis of fuzzy set operations

Article No. 3165, Cuchillo-Ibanez, E. and Tarres, J. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) On the boundary of fuzzy sets

Article No. 3164, Bouyssou, D. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) Acyclic fuzzy preferences and the Orlovsky choice function: A note

Article No. 3163, Goetschel, R.H. Jr. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) Representations with fuzzy darts

Article No. 3162, Mabuchi, S. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) Supplement to _An interpretation of membership functions and the properties of general probabilistic operators as fuzzy set operators--Part I_

Article No. 3161, Dingwei, W. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) An inexact approach for linear programming problems with fuzzy objective and resources

Article No. 3160, Chang, N., Chen, Y.L. and Wang, S.F. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) A fuzzy interval multiobjective mixed integer programming approach for the optimal planning of solid waste management systems

Article No. 3159, Farrell, J. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.89, iss.1, 1997) A fuzzy rule-based expert system for marine bioassessment

Article No. 3158, page 387-388+++ (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Author Index Volume 88 (1997)

Article No. 3157, Bai, S. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Q-convergence of nets and weak separation axioms in fuzzy lattices

Article No. 3156, Yixiang, C. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) On compactness of induced I(L)-fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3155, Zhou, T.F. and Liu, D. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Convergence of the power sequence of a nearly monotone increasing fuzzy matrix

Article No. 3154, Bertoluzza, C. and Cariolaro, D. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) On the measure of a fuzzy set based on continuous t-conorms

Article No. 3153, Chung, F. and Tong, L. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) A new look at solving a system of fuzzy relational equations

Article No. 3152, Song, Q., Leland, R.P. and Chissom, B.S. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy stochastic fuzzy time series and its models

Article No. 3151, Jyothi, S. and Babu, M.S. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Multivalued dependencies in fuzzy relational databases and lossless join decomposition

Article No. 3150, Yeung, D.S. and Tsang, E.C.C. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Weighted fuzzy production rules

Article No. 3149, Fuh, C. and Tung, P. (fs&s vol.88, iss.3, 1997) Robust stability analysis of fuzzy control systems

Article No. 3148, Ovchinnikov, S. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Letter to the Editor

Article No. 3147, Tong, S., Chai, T. and Zhang, H. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Notes on multivariable fuzzy controller under Godel's implication

Article No. 3146, Bakier, M.Y. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) FN-closed sets and fuzzy locally nearly compact spaces

Article No. 3145, Zhudeng, W. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Primary TL-submodules and P-primary TL-submodules

Article No. 3144, Yandong, Y. and Zhudeng, W. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) TL-subrings and TL-ideals, Part 4: Radicals of TL-ideals

Article No. 3143, Hadzic, O. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Fixed point theorems for multivalued mappings in probabilistic metric spaces

Article No. 3142, Edwards, D. and Choi, H.T. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Use of fuzzy logic to calculate the statistical properties of strange attractors in chaotic systems

Article No. 3141, Wang, P., Shaohua, T., Fengming, S. and Ping, L. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Constructive theory for fuzzy systems

Article No. 3140, Herencia, J.A. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Graded numbers and graded convergence of fuzzy numbers

Article No. 3139, Hulsurkar, S., Biswal, M.P. and Sinha, S.B. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy programming approach to multi-objective stochastic linear programming problems

Article No. 3138, Sakawa, M. and Kato, K. (fs&s vol.88, iss.2, 1997) Interactive decision making for large-scale multiobjective linear programs with fuzzy numbers

Article No. 3137, Deli, Z. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy Mathematics at Jilin Province Institute of Education (Changchun, People's Republic of China)

Article No. 3136, Min, Y. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Research on Generalized Computing in Hangzhou

Article No. 3135, Yongqiang, C. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy Research at the Institute of Systems Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China

Article No. 3134, Katoh, R. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy Research at Department of Control Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

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