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Article No. 3133, Ghosh, A. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Research activities related to fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic at the Machine Intelligence Unit of the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India

Article No. 3132, Graham, I. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Editorial

Article No. 3131, Shaw, I.S. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Intelligent Controller Research at the Rand Afrikaans University

Article No. 3130, Chang, S.S., Cho, Y.J., Lee, B.S., Jung, J.S. and Kang, S.M. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Coincidence point theorems and minimization theorems in fuzzy metric spaces

Article No. 3129, Ma, M., Friedman, M. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) General fuzzy least squares

Article No. 3128, Criado, F. and Gachechiladze, T. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Entropy of fuzzy events

Article No. 3127, Pedrycz, W., Gudwin, R.R. and Gomide, F.A.C. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Nonlinear context adaptation in the calibration of fuzzy sets

Article No. 3126, Coker, D. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) An introduction to intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3125, Ostermark, R. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Temporal interdependence in fuzzy MCDM problems

Article No. 3124, Chen, C. and Klein, C.M. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) An efficient approach to solving fuzzy MADM problems

Article No. 3123, Herrera, F., Herrera-Viedma, E. and Verdegay, J.L. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) A rational consensus model in group decision making using linguistic assessments

Article No. 3122, Wong, C. and Lin, N. (fs&s vol.88, iss.1, 1997) Rule extraction for fuzzy modeling

Article No. 3121, page 389-390+++ (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Author Index Volume 87 (1997)

Article No. 3120, Ha, M. and Wang, X. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Some notes on the regularity of fuzzy measures on metric spaces

Article No. 3119, Dug, H.H. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) A note on operations on fuzzy numbers

Article No. 3118, Tong, S. and Zhang, Y. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy subgroups of the same type

Article No. 3117, Byung, M.G. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) On the convergence of fuzzy-number-valued functions

Article No. 3116, Sidky, F.I. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Three-valued fuzzy subgroup

Article No. 3115, Mostafa, S.M. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy implicative ideals in BCK-algebras

Article No. 3114, Es, A.H. and Coker, D. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) On several types of degree of fuzzy compactness

Article No. 3113, Fang, J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) On local bases of fuzzy topological vector spaces

Article No. 3112, Kuroki, N. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy congruences on inverse semigroups

Article No. 3111, Chang, S., Yeol, J.C., Byung, S.L. and Gue, M.L. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Fixed degree and fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings in probabilistic metric spaces

Article No. 3110, Jun, L., Yasuda, M., Qingshan, J., Suzuki, H., Zhenyuan, W. and Klir, G.J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Convergence of sequence of measurable functions on fuzzy measure spaces

Article No. 3109, Chang, S., Gue, M.L. and Byung, S.L. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Vector quasivariational inequalities for fuzzy mappings I

Article No. 3108, Hemasinha, R., Pal, N.R. and Bezdek, J.C. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) The determinant of a fuzzy matrix with respect to t and co-t norms

Article No. 3107, Eslami, E. and Buckley, J.J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Inverse approximate reasoning II. Maximize entropy

Article No. 3106, Junhong, N., Lee, T.H. and Linkens, D.A. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) A note on the integration of fuzzy systems with neural networks under a TLTT framework

Article No. 3105, Huang, Y. and Huang, C. (fs&s vol.87, iss.3, 1997) Real-valued genetic algorithms for fuzzy grey prediction system

Article No. 3104, Morsi, N.N. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Note on _Normal fuzzy subgroups and fuzzy normal series of finite groups_ Fuzzy Sets and Systems 72 (1995) 379-383

Article No. 3103, Wang, W. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Comments on _Analysis and design of fuzzy control system_ Fuzzy Sets and Systems 57 (1993) 125-140

Article No. 3102, Novak, L.A. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) A comment on _Bases of fuzzy matroids_ Fuzzy Sets and Systems 31 (1989) 253-261

Article No. 3101, Kim, J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Some characterizations of fuzzy subgroups

Article No. 3100, Kumar, S.S. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) -Closure and -closure operators on fuzzy bitopological spaces

Article No. 3099, Fang, J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Lattice valued completely topological generated spaces

Article No. 3098, Shi-Zhong, B. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) The SR-compactness in L-fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3097, Zhudeng, W. and Yandong, Y. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) TL-subrings and TL-ideals. Part 2. Generated TL-ideals

Article No. 3096, Navara, M. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Boolean representations of fuzzy quantum spaces

Article No. 3095, Ishikawa, S. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy inferences by algerbraic method

Article No. 3094, Morales-Bueno, R., Perez-de-la-Cruz, J., Conejo, R. and Clares, B. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) A family of fuzzy programming languages

Article No. 3093, Rebai, A. and Martel, J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) A fuzzy bag approach to choosing the _best_ multiattributed potential actions in a multiple judgement and non cardinal data context

Article No. 3092, Eslami, E. and Buckley, J.J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) Inverse approximate reasoning

Article No. 3091, Chao, C. and Teng, C. (fs&s vol.87, iss.2, 1997) A PD-like self-tuning fuzzy controller without steady-state error

Article No. 3090, Sarkar, D. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy local function and generated fuzzy topology

Article No. 3089, Jong, Y.P. and Jae, U.J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Fixed point theorems for fuzzy mappings

Article No. 3088, Kim, J. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Redefined sup-min product of fuzzy subsets and join of fuzzy subgroups

Article No. 3087, Ahsanullah, T.M.G. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Minimal locally bounded fuzzy neighborhood rings and commutative division rings

Article No. 3086, Buckley, J.J. and Eslami, E. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy plane geometry II: Circles and polygons

Article No. 3085, Wu, H. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Fuzzy-valued integrals of fuzzy-valued measurable functions with respect to fuzzy-valued measures based on closed intervals

Article No. 3084, Shungeng, H. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) The operations and applications of fuzzy sets of type O

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