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Article No. 2804, Yager, R.R. and Filev, D.P. (fs&s vol.80, iss.1, 1996) Relational partitioning of fuzzy rules

Article No. 2803, Pedrycz, W. and de Oliveira, J.V. (fs&s vol.80, iss.1, 1996) An algorithmic framework for development and optimization of fuzzy models

Article No. 2802, Whalen, T., Schott, B. and Gwangyong, G. (fs&s vol.80, iss.1, 1996) Control of error in fuzzy logic modeling

Article No. 2801, Warner, M.W. (fs&s vol.80, iss.1, 1996) On fuzzy compactness

Article No. 2800, Resconi, G., Klir, G.J., Harmanec, D. and St. Clair, U. (fs&s vol.80, iss.1, 1996) Interpretations of various uncertainty theories using models of modal logic: a summary

Article No. 2799, Banerjee, A. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Rational choice under fuzzy preferences: The Orlovsky choice function

Article No. 2798, Bustince, H. and Burillo, P. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Vague sets are intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Article No. 2797, Dug Hun, H. and Seok Yoon, H. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) A note on the correlation of fuzzy numbers

Article No. 2796, Srivastava, P., Khare, M. and Srivastava, Y.K. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) A fuzzy measure algebra as a metric space

Article No. 2795, Chattopadhyay, K.C., Mukherjee, U.K. and Samanta, S.K. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy proximities structures and fuzzy grills

Article No. 2794, Ghanim, M.H., Tantawy, O.A. and Selim, F.M. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Gradations of uniformity and gradations of proximity

Article No. 2793, Safiya, A.S.A., Fora, A.A. and Warner, M.W. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Higher separation axioms in bifuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 2792, Sun, W. and Davidson, V.J. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Dynamic fuzzy-reasoning-based function estimator

Article No. 2791, Kuncheva, L.I. and Krishnapuram, R. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) A fuzzy consensus aggregation operator

Article No. 2790, Sangho, K. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Sharpened forms of coincidence theorems and variational inequalities for fuzzy mappings

Article No. 2789, Wuyts, P. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) On level-topologies and maximality of fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 2788, Huey-Ming, L. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Applying fuzzy set theory to evaluate the rate of aggregative risk in software development

Article No. 2787, Fuyan, C., Guomin, Z., Youshan, L. and Zhengming, X. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy control of a double-inverted pendulum

Article No. 2786, Misir, D., Malki, H.A. and Guanrong, C. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Design and analysis of a fuzzy proportional-integral-derivative controller

Article No. 2785, Leng, G. (fs&s vol.79, iss.3, 1996) Missile guidance algorithm design using inverse kinematics and fuzzy logic

Article No. 2784, Head, T. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Erratum to _A metatheorem for deriving fuzzy theorems from crisp versions_

Article No. 2783, Sarkar, D. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Concavoconvex fuzzy set

Article No. 2782, Young, B.J. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Extensions of fuzzy deductive systems in Hilbert algebras

Article No. 2781, Mesiar, R. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) A note to the T-sum of L-R fuzzy numbers

Article No. 2780, Atanassov, K.T. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) An equality between intuitionistic fuzzy sets

Article No. 2779, Thakur, S.S. and Malviya, R. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Semi-open sets and semi-continuity in fuzzy bitopological spaces

Article No. 2778, Jong, S.J., Yeol, J.C., Shin, M.K. and Shih-sen, C. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Coincidence theorems for set-valued mappings and Ekeland's variational principle in fuzzy metric spaces

Article No. 2777, Su-Yun, L., De-Gang, C., Wen-Xiang, G. and Hui, W. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Fuzzy homomorphisms

Article No. 2776, Gupta, K.C. and Gupta, R.K. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Fuzzy equivalence relation redefined

Article No. 2775, De Baets, B. and Van de Walle, B. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Weak and strong fuzzy interval orders

Article No. 2774, Redden, D.T. and Woodall, W.H. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Further examination of fuzzy linear regression

Article No. 2773, Chih-Sheng, L. and Ching-Gung, W. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) River assimilative capacity analysis via fuzzy linear programming

Article No. 2772, Herrera, F., Herrera-Viedma, E. and Verdegay, J.L. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Direct approach processes in group decision making using linguistic OWA operators

Article No. 2771, Zhengxin, C. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Using meta-rules for fuzzy inference control

Article No. 2770, de Oliveira, J.V. (fs&s vol.79, iss.2, 1996) Sampling, fuzzy discretization, and signal reconstruction

Article No. 2769, Jie, Z. and Morris, J. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Process modelling and fault diagnosis using fuzzy neural networks

Article No. 2768, Gomm, J.B., Williams, D., Evans, J.T., Doherty, S.K. and Lisboa, P.J.G. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Enhancing the non-linear modelling capabilities of MLP neural networks using spread encoding

Article No. 2767, Lightbody, G. and Irwin, G.W. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Multi-layer perceptron based modelling of nonlinear systems

Article No. 2766, Brown, M., Mills, D.J. and Harris, C.J. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) The representation of fuzzy algorithms used in adaptive modelling and control schemes

Article No. 2765, Hanebeck, U.D. and Schmidt, G.K. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Genetic optimization of fuzzy networks

Article No. 2764, Linkens, D.A., Shieh, J.S. and Peacock, J.E. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Hierarchical fuzzy modelling for monitoring depth of anaesthesia

Article No. 2763, Farsi, M., Karam, K.Z. and Abdalla, H.H. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Intelligent multi-controller assessment using fuzzy logic

Article No. 2762, Shimmin, D.W., Stephens, M. and Swainston, J.R. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Adaptive control of a submerged vehicle with sliding fuzzy relations

Article No. 2761, Postlethwaite, B.E. (fs&s vol.79, iss.1, 1996) Building a model-based fuzzy controller

Article No. 2760, Shih-Chuan, C. and Zhudeng, W. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) Divisible TL-subgroups and pure TL-subgroups

Article No. 2759, Gue, M.L., Do, S.K. and Byung, S.L. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) Strongly quasivariational inequalities for fuzzy mappings

Article No. 2758, Ahsanullah, T.M.G. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) Strictly minimal fuzzy neighborhood division rings

Article No. 2757, Drossos, C.A. and Theodoropoulos, P.L. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) B-fuzzy probabilities

Article No. 2756, Xue, X., Ha, M. and Wu, C. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) On the extension of the fuzzy number measures in Banach spaces: Part I. Representation of the fuzzy number measures

Article No. 2755, Deli, Z. and Caimei, G. (fs&s vol.78, iss.3, 1996) Integrals of set-valued functions for _-decomposable measures

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