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Article No. 3083, Yan, S. and Mizumoto, M. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Reasoning conditions on Koczy's interpolative reasoning method in sparse fuzzy rule bases. Part II

Article No. 3082, Dong, H.L. and Park, D. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) An efficient algorithm for fuzzy weighted average

Article No. 3081, Friedman, M., Henne, M. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.87, iss.1, 1997) Most typical values for fuzzy sets

Article No. 3080, page 395-396+++ (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Author Index Volume 86 (1997)

Article No. 3079, Shijing, Z. and Ting, C. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Comment on _On convex vector optimization problems with possibilistic weights_ Fuzzy Sets and Systems 51 (1992) 289-294

Article No. 3078, Li, F. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Discussion on _Some methods of reasoning for fuzzy conditional propositions_ Fuzzy Sets and Systems 52 (1992) 229-250

Article No. 3077, Ramadan, A.A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Smooth pretopogenous structures

Article No. 3076, Diamond, P., Kloeden, P. and Pokrovskii, A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Absolute retracts and a general fixed point theorem for fuzzy sets

Article No. 3075, Kudri, S.R.T. and Warner, M.W. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) RS-compactness in L-fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3074, Kundu, S. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Min-transitivity of fuzzy leftness relationship and its application to decision making

Article No. 3073, Liu, Y., Qiao, Z. and Wang, G. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy random reliability of structures based on fuzzy random variables

Article No. 3072, Lotan, T. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Integration of fuzzy numbers corresponding to static knowledge and dynamic information

Article No. 3071, Friedman, M., Ming, M. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) On the validity of the Peano theorem for fuzzy differential equations

Article No. 3070, Ralescu, A.L. and Ralescu, D.A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Extensions of fuzzy aggregation

Article No. 3069, Rondeau, L., Ruelas, R., Levrat, L. and Lamotte, M. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) A defuzzification method respecting the fuzzification

Article No. 3068, Hall, L.O. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Confirmation and denial as plausible modes of fuzzy inference

Article No. 3067, Angelov, P.P. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Optimization in an intuitionistic fuzzy environment

Article No. 3066, Buckley, J.J. and Eslami, E. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Neural net solutions to fuzzy problems: The quadratic equation

Article No. 3065, Joo, Y.H., Hwang, H.S., Kim, K.B. and Woo, K.B. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Fuzzy system modeling by fuzzy partition and GA hybrid schemes

Article No. 3064, Buckley, J.J., Eslami, E. and Hayashi, Y. (fs&s vol.86, iss.3, 1997) Solving fuzzy equations using neural nets

Article No. 3063, Greenberg, H.J. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Possibilities of logically equivalent expressions

Article No. 3062, Kudri, S.R.T. and Warner, M.W. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Relations between the good definitions of compactness in L-fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 3061, Chen, S. and Cheng, J. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) -Convergence of nets of L-fuzzy sets and its applications

Article No. 3060, Li, Q. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) The random set and the cutting of random fuzzy sets

Article No. 3059, Yun, K.K. and Byung, M.G. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Integrals of fuzzy-number-valued functions

Article No. 3058, Cubero, J.C., Medina, J.M., Pons, O. and Vila, M.A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Extensions of a resemblance relation

Article No. 3057, Klement, E.P., Mesiar, R. and Pap, E. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) A characterization of the ordering of continuous t-norms

Article No. 3056, Buckley, J.J. and Eslami, E. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Fuzzy plane geometry I: Points and lines

Article No. 3055, Roman-Flores, H. and Bassanezi, R.C. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) On multivalued fuzzy entropies

Article No. 3054, Chen, H., Hsu, W. and Chiang, W. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) A comparison of vertex method with JHE method

Article No. 3053, Lin, S. and Chen, Y. (fs&s vol.86, iss.2, 1997) Design of self-learning fuzzy sliding mode controllers based on genetic algorithms

Article No. 3052, Mishref, M.A.A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Normal fuzzy subgroups and fuzzy normal series of finite groups Fuzzy Sets and Systems 72 (1995) 379-383

Article No. 3051, Chung, S.H. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Saturated fuzzy syntopogenous spaces

Article No. 3050, Jang, L. and Kwon, J. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) On non-monotonic fuzzy measures of -bounded variation

Article No. 3049, Balasubramanian, G. and Sundaram, P. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) On some generalizations of fuzzy continuous functions

Article No. 3048, Bour, L. and Lamotte, M. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Convex combinations of generalized fuzzy relational equations

Article No. 3047, Mesiar, R. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Shape preserving additions of fuzzy intervals

Article No. 3046, Wang, H. and Wang, M. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) A fuzzy multiobjective linear programming

Article No. 3045, Yeh, Z. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Adaptive multivariable fuzzy logic controller

Article No. 3044, Cordon, O., Herrera, F. and Peregrin, A. (fs&s vol.86, iss.1, 1997) Applicability of the fuzzy operators in the design of fuzzy logic controllers

Article No. 3043, page 399-400+++ (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) Author Index Volume 85 (1997)

Article No. 3042, Daneshgar, A. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) Thresholding in a generalized model for translation invariant systems

Article No. 3041, Ghanim, M.H., Tantawy, O.A. and Selim, F.M. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) On lower separation axioms

Article No. 3040, Markova, A. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) T-sum of L-R fuzzy numbers

Article No. 3039, Dug, H.H. and Seok, Y.H. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) The convergence of T-product of fuzzy numbers

Article No. 3038, Badard, R. and Pontet, T. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) Continuous interpolation logic and qualitative modeling of flows

Article No. 3037, Ciftcibas_, T. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) A new structure for fuzzy systems: Fuzzy propositional logic and multi-universe representation of fuzzy decision processes

Article No. 3036, Hussein, M.L. and Maaty, M.A.A. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) The stability notions for fuzzy nonlinear programming problem

Article No. 3035, Gonzalez, L. and Marin, A. (fs&s vol.85, iss.3, 1997) Weak properties and aggregated extension of fuzzy relations

Article No. 3034, Bhaumik, R.N. and Mukherjee, A. (fs&s vol.91, iss.1, 1997) Induced fuzzy supra-topological spaces

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