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Article No. 2904, Bordogna, G. and Pasi, G. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) A user-adaptive neural network supporting a rule-based relevance feedback

Article No. 2903, Ron, S. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Commonsense reasoning with rules, cases, and connectionist models: A paradigmatic comparison

Article No. 2902, M., H.L., Rahardja, S. and Gwee, B.H. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) A GA paradigm for learning fuzzy rules

Article No. 2901, Ishikawa, M. and Moriyama, T. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Prediction of time series by a structural learning of neural networks

Article No. 2900, Young-Jeng, C. and Ching-Cheng, T. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Rule combination in a fuzzy neural network

Article No. 2899, Tano, T., Oyama, T. and Arnould, T. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Deep combination of fuzzy inference and neural network in fuzzy inference software -- FINEST

Article No. 2898, Guerra, T.M., Loslever, P., Malvache, N. and Willaeys, D. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Probabilistic sets and fuzzy reasoning for data analysis problems

Article No. 2897, Aluja, J.G. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Towards a new paradigm of investment selection in uncertainty

Article No. 2896, Dubois, D. and Prade, H. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) What are fuzzy rules and how to use them

Article No. 2895, Sanchez, E. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Truth-qualification and fuzzy relations in natural languages, application to medical diagnosis

Article No. 2894, Bouchon-Meunier, B., Rifqi, M. and Bothorel, S. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Towards general measures of comparison of objects

Article No. 2893, Roubens, M. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Choice procedures in fuzzy multicriteria decision analysis based on pairwise comparisons

Article No. 2892, Ralescu, D.A. and Sugeno, M. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Fuzzy integral representation

Article No. 2891, Aluja, J.G. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) In Memory of Professor Arnold Kaufmann (1911-1994)

Article No. 2890, Dubois, D., Prade, H. and Sanchez, E. (fs&s vol.84, iss.2, 1996) Professor Arnold Kaufmann (18 August, 1911-15 June, 1994)

Article No. 2889, Graham, I. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) The OOram Software Engineering Method.

Article No. 2888, Georgieva, O. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Modelling and control of batch biotechnological processes under uncertainty in Sofia

Article No. 2887, Hajek, P. and Harmancova, D. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) The Prague Seminar of Applied Mathematical Logic and its work on fuzzy logic

Article No. 2886, Otto, K.N. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Research on Application of Fuzzy Sets to Design and Manufacturing Integration

Article No. 2885, Cao, S.G., Rees, N.W. and Feng, G. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Research Activities on Fuzzy Control at the Department of Systems and Control in the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Article No. 2884, Kim, K.H. and Roush, F.W. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Activities of the ASU Mathematics Research Group

Article No. 2883, Bustince, H. and Gonzalez, L. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Research Activities in Fuzzy Set Theory and Applications at the Computation Science and Artificial Intelligence Group in Public University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain

Article No. 2882, Frank, P.M. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Areas of research

Article No. 2881, Fang, J. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Semi-closed elements and semi-interior operation on completely distributive lattices

Article No. 2880, Shenggang, L. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Some results on I(L) and R(L)

Article No. 2879, Eslami, E. and Mordeson, J.N. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Completions and fuzzy power series subrings

Article No. 2878, Zlatos, P. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Fuzzifications of concrete categories and homomorphy degrees of mappings between universal algebras

Article No. 2877, Yinghua, L., Cunningham, G.A. III and Coggeshall, S.V. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Input variable identification -- Fuzzy curves and fuzzy surfaces

Article No. 2876, Kuwano, H. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) On the fuzzy multi-objective linear programming problem: Goal programming approach

Article No. 2875, Canestrelli, E., Giove, S. and Fuller, R. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Stability in possibilistic quadratic programming

Article No. 2874, Virant, J. and Zimic, N. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Attention to time in fuzzy logic

Article No. 2873, Huey-Kuo, C. and Huey-Wen, C. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Solving multiobjective linear programming problems - a generic approach

Article No. 2872, Ju, G. and Chen, L. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Linguistic stability analysis of fuzzy closed loop control systems

Article No. 2871, Pi-Cheng, T. and Shen-Nan, F. (fs&s vol.82, iss.1, 1996) Application of fuzzy on-line self-adaptive controller for a contour tracking robot on unknown contours

Article No. 2870, Kohout, L. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Obituary Professor Wyllis Bandler (1916-1995)

Article No. 2869, Sebastian, S. and Sunder, S.B. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy groups and group homomorphisms

Article No. 2868, Zahran, A.M. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) A remark on _Fuzzy -connectedness_

Article No. 2867, Bhakat, S.K. and Das, P. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy subrings and ideals redefined

Article No. 2866, Samuel, M.S. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy Daniell integral I

Article No. 2865, Kasumov, N. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Metric properties of fuzzy partitions

Article No. 2864, Hirota, K. and Pedrycz, W. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Solving fuzzy relational equations through logical filtering

Article No. 2863, Klawonn, F. and Novak, V. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) The relation between inference and interpolation in the framework of fuzzy systems

Article No. 2862, Song, Q. and Leland, R.P. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Adaptive learning defuzzification techniques and applications

Article No. 2861, Shyi-Ming, C. (fs&s vol.81, iss.3, 1996) Forecasting enrollments based on fuzzy time series

Article No. 2860, Atif, M. and Mishref, A. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) On the free product

Article No. 2859, Chang Bum, K. and Park, M. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) k-Fuzzy ideals in semirings

Article No. 2858, Kudri, S.R.T. and Warner, M.W. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) L-fuzzy weak local compactness

Article No. 2857, Majumdar, S. and Sultana, Q.S. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) The lattice of fuzzy ideals of a ring

Article No. 2856, Seselja, B. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) Lattice of partially ordered fuzzy subalgebras

Article No. 2855, Sarma, R.D. and Ajmal, N. (fs&s vol.81, iss.2, 1996) A new approach to fuzzy topological spaces and fuzzy perfect mappings

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