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Article No. 2954, Shyi-Ming, C. and Yih-Jen, H. (fs&s vol.84, iss.1, 1996) Finding inheritance hierarchies in interval-valued fuzzy concept-networks

Article No. 2953, Friedman, Y. and Sandler, U. (fs&s vol.84, iss.1, 1996) Evolution of systems under fuzzy dynamic laws

Article No. 2952, Miin-Shen, Y. and Cheng-Hsiu, K. (fs&s vol.84, iss.1, 1996) On a class of fuzzy c-numbers clustering procedures for fuzzy data

Article No. 2951, Tzung-Pei, H. and Chai-Ying, L. (fs&s vol.84, iss.1, 1996) Induction of fuzzy rules and membership functions from training examples

Article No. 2950, Salo, A.A. (fs&s vol.84, iss.1, 1996) On fuzzy ratio comparisons in hierarchical decision models

Article No. 2949, Zhang, Y., Wang, G. and Su, F. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) The general theory for response analysis of fuzzy stochastic dynamical systems

Article No. 2948, Baldwin, J.F., Lawry, J. and Martin, T.P. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) A mass assignment theory of the probability of fuzzy events

Article No. 2947, Daneshgar, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) Duality in a generalized model for translation invariant systems

Article No. 2946, Stojakovic, M. and Stojakovic, Z. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) Addition and series of fuzzy sets

Article No. 2945, Kwang, B.C. and Bo, H.W. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) Radial basis function based adaptive fuzzy systems and their applications to system identification and prediction

Article No. 2944, Chiu-Keung, L. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) Using fuzzy numbers in educational grading system

Article No. 2943, Y., S.T., Z., M.Y. and C., Y.N. (fs&s vol.83, iss.3, 1996) Genetic synthesis of fuzzy logic controllers in turning

Article No. 2942, El Badawy Yehia, S. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) On fuzzy linear representations of finite groups

Article No. 2941, Qingshan, J. and Suzuki, H. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Fuzzy measures on metric spaces

Article No. 2940, Mordeson, J.N. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Fuzzy intersection equations and primary representations

Article No. 2939, Seselja, B. and Tepavcevic, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Fuzzy groups and collections of subgroups

Article No. 2938, Zikidis, K.C. and Vasilakos, A.V. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) ASAFES2: a novel, neuro-fuzzy architecture for fuzzy computing, based on functional reasoning

Article No. 2937, Friedman, M., Ma, M. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Numerical methods for calculating the fuzzy integral

Article No. 2936, Daneshgar, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Reconstruction in a generalized model for translation invariant systems

Article No. 2935, Puncochar, M., Drahos, J. and Vrba, J. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Fuzzy number as a product of geometrical construction

Article No. 2934, Ouattara, S., Loslever, P. and Guerra, T.M. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) Towards a methodology for selecting good scaling factors for a fuzzy controller

Article No. 2933, Ozyurt, B. and Kandel, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.1, 1996) A hybrid hierarchical neural network-fuzzy expert system approach to chemical process fault diagnosis

Article No. 2932, Cen, Y. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Fuzzy quality and analysis on fuzzy probability

Article No. 2931, Huang, C. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Fuzzy risk assessment of urban natural hazards

Article No. 2930, Onisawa, T. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Subjective analysis of system reliability and its analyzer

Article No. 2929, Zeephongsekul, P. and Xia, G. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) On fuzzy debugging of software programs

Article No. 2928, de Cooman, G. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) On modeling possibilistic uncertainty in two-state reliability theory

Article No. 2927, Utkin, L.V. and Gurov, S.V. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) A general formal approach for fuzzy reliability analysis in the possibility context

Article No. 2926, Cutello, V., Montero, J. and Yanez, J. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Structure functions with fuzzy states

Article No. 2925, Verma, D. and Knezevic, J. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) A fuzzy weighted wedge mechanism for feasibility assessment of system reliability during conceptual design

Article No. 2924, Gazdik, I. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Zadeh's Extension Principle in design reliability

Article No. 2923, de Figueiredo, J.C.A. and Perkusich, A. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Faults and timing analysis in real-time distributed systems: A fuzzy time Petri-net-based approach

Article No. 2922, Suresh, P.V., Babar, A.K. and Raj, V.V. (fs&s vol.83, iss.2, 1996) Uncertainty in fault tree analysis: A fuzzy approach

Article No. 2921, Young, B.J., Neggers, J. and Hee, S.K. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Normal L-fuzzy ideals in semirings

Article No. 2920, Abdukhalikov, K.S. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) The dual of a fuzzy subspace

Article No. 2919, Abd-Allah, A.M. and Omar, R.A.K. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Fuzzy partial groups

Article No. 2918, Cuchillo-Ibanez, E. and Tarres, J. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) On zero dimensionality in fuzzy topological spaces

Article No. 2917, De-Gang, C. and Wen-Xiang, G. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Generating fuzzy factor groups and the fundamental theorem of isomorphism

Article No. 2916, Wang, S. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Iterative-deepening fuzzy heuristic search algorithms and their learning investigation

Article No. 2915, Chao-Ming, H. and Jing-Shing, Y. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Independent fuzzy random variables and their application

Article No. 2914, Ammar, E.E. and Kassem, M.A.E. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) On stability analysis of multicriteria LP problems with fuzzy parameters

Article No. 2913, Fortemps, P. and Roubens, M. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Ranking and defuzzification methods based on area compensation

Article No. 2912, Teodorovic, D. and Pavkovic, G. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) The fuzzy set theory approach to the vehicle routing problem when demand at nodes is uncertain

Article No. 2911, Chanas, S. and Kuchta, D. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) A concept of the optimal solution of the transportation problem with fuzzy cost coefficients

Article No. 2910, Ping-Teng, C. and Lee, E.S. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) A generalized fuzzy weighted least-squares regression

Article No. 2909, Liang, W. and Langari, R. (fs&s vol.82, iss.3, 1996) Sugeno model, fuzzy discretization, and the EM algorithm

Article No. 2908, Yamanoue, T. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Effect of complexity in an oscillatory neural network -- relation to human-like reasoning

Article No. 2907, Liya, D., Hoon, H.T., Peizhuang, W. and Ho, C.L. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) A Prolog-like inference system based on neural logic -- An attempt towards fuzzy neural logic programming

Article No. 2906, Austin, J. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) Distributed associative memories for high-speed symbolic reasoning

Article No. 2905, Jagota, A., Ueberla, J. and Kaznachey, D. (fs&s vol.82, iss.2, 1996) A hybrid connectionist associative memory with perfect storage

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